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Professor Robert F. Borkenstein Award

To recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions through a lifetime of service consistent with the ideals and achievements of Dr. Robert F. Borkenstein. These contributions will be in the area of alcohol/drugs in relation to traffic and transportation safety.

2023 Jennifer Limoges

2022 Jerry Landau

2021 Thomas Page

2020 Rod McCutcheon

2019 Randall Beaty

2018 Marilyn Huestis

2017 Bruce Goldberger*

2016 Laura Liddicoat*

2015 Richard Compton

2014 J. Michael Walsh

2013 Robert B. Forney Jr.*

2012 Boris Moczula*

2011 Barry K. Logan*

2010 Dennis Canfield*

2009 Laurel Farrell*

2008 Mack Cowan*

2007 Pat Harding*

2006 Rod G. Gullberg*
2005 J.D. Chastain
2004 Alan Wayne Jones*
2000 Yale H. Caplan* 
1999 J. Robert Zettl*
1998 Lowell C. Van Berkom*
1997 Douglas M. Lucas
1996 Willam R. Picton
1995 Bryan S. Finkle
1994 Ralph Turner
1993 Robert H. Reeder
1992 Dr. Kurt M. Dubowski*
1991 Edgar W. Kivela
1990 Robert B. Forney, Sr.
1989 Prof. Robert F. Borkenstein*

Prof. Robert F. Borkenstein
Inventor of the Breathalyzer


The Robert F. Borkenstein Award is conferred by the National Safety Council: Alcohol, Drugs and Impairment Division.

Many members of IACT are recipients of this Award as denoted by *.


Persons nominated must, through a minimum tenure of twenty-five years of active service in the field of alcohol/drugs and traffic safety, have contributed to that field to a degreee that their achievements have been nationally recognized. A minimum of ten years of active and productive involvement as a volunteer with the National Safety Council must be shown. Career contributions will have been in one of the following areas: (1) alcohol education; (2) legal matters, including prosecution, defense, adjudication, or research of alcohol-related cases; (3) human factors -- the involvement in scientific research and studies of alcohol and the medical/physiological/psychological aspects of alcohol and traffic safety; (4) technology-toxicological procedures involving alcohol/drugs and development and evaluation of techniques; and (5) action programs -- law enforcement, legislation, public information, intervention efforts, and other social factors related to alcohol/drugs and traffic safety.

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